Strategy, Messaging, Branding, Web Design, and SEO and Launch



Our branding agency team collaborated closely with Ashley Airaghi to devise a comprehensive strategy centered on building a robust online presence for her business. We formulated a plan that emphasized her experience in constructing, selling, and managing large businesses, and underscored her distinctive approach to business consultation services.


A walkthrough of our process

Considering Ashley's expertise, our copywriting team created messaging that spotlighted her strengths in business consulting. We concentrated on conveying her unique method of assisting clients in achieving their business objectives and positioned her as an invaluable ally for any business seeking success.


Our team established a modern and professional brand identity that mirrored Ashley's knowledge and experience. We designed a clean and minimalist aesthetic that communicated a sense of trust and authority while incorporating subtle aspects of Ashley's personal style to give the brand a hint of personality and approachability.


Our web design team crafted a custom website for Ashley that highlighted her services and expertise. The website was designed for easy navigation, offering visitors a clear understanding of Ashley's approach to business consultation. The website design also featured clear calls-to-action, encouraging visitors to contact Ashley for more information.

web design

"Liberty Type was phenomenal at bringing our vision to life. The copy with branding and the website tied everything together beautifully"