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Case Study: honey good

Our objective for Honey Good was to give her brand a contemporary makeover and cultivate a chic, high-fashion appeal that resonated with women over 50. Additionally, we aimed to broaden her audience by devising a comprehensive marketing plan to attract new women and expand her community. We initiated the process by revamping her outdated website, creating a fresh, modern design that embodied her distinctive style and personality. Subsequently, we took on the role of her marketing department, closely collaborating with her to develop a content strategy and marketing plan to augment her audience and appeal to new women.


A walkthrough of our process

To establish a consistent and unified brand message, we worked closely with Honey to create high-quality content that resonated with her target audience. Our team produced all of her website copy and e-book copy, edited her blog stories, and authored affiliate marketing posts each week, ensuring that her content was engaging and on-brand. Additionally, we crafted 2-4 email newsletters per week that delivered value to her audience and maintained their interest and enthusiasm for her brand.


Our aim was to develop a chic and high-fashion brand that appealed to women over 50. This was achieved by overhauling her website and crafting a fresh, modern design reflecting her unique style and personality. Furthermore, we designed a new logo and brand identity that aligned with her brand message and resonated with her target audience. The final result was a cohesive and stylish brand that positioned Honey Good as a leading influencer for women over 50.


We modernized Honey's website with a new, contemporary design that showcased her unique style and personality. The design was optimized for mobile devices, offering a seamless user experience for her audience. Additionally, we optimized her website for search engines, making it easy to find and navigate for both her existing and prospective audience.

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Our team conducted thorough keyword research to identify the terms and phrases that potential clients searched for online. We then optimized her website for these keywords and produced high-quality content that provided value to her target audience. We also devised a comprehensive backlink strategy, incorporating high-quality links from relevant websites to enhance her website's authority.

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As Honey's marketing department, we developed monthly and quarterly content plans, managed her Facebook group with nearly 3,000 women, dispatched 2-4 email newsletters per week to her list of over 70,000, and posted and engaged with her audience through daily content on social media. We also composed high-quality blog posts and affiliate marketing content to keep her audience engaged and excited about her brand. The end result was a cohesive and effective marketing strategy that helped Honey extend her audience and connect with new women.