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Case Study: Marsh made design

Our approach for Marsh Made Design centered around creating a brand identity that accurately represented the luxury and expertise that the business provided to its clientele. This strategy entailed pinpointing Marsh Made Design's unique value proposition and gaining insight into the preferences and expectations of their target audience. Additionally, we refined the logo and developed a brand identity that encapsulated the essence of the Great Smoky Mountains, which is the primary service region for the business.


A walkthrough of our process

In tandem with the brand strategy, we crafted messaging and website copy that displayed Marsh Made Design's custom design and rental services, while also emphasizing the business's distinct value proposition. We accentuated Brian Marsh's experience and skill in custom carpentry, as well as his enthusiasm for creating wooden arbors for weddings and special occasions. The website copy also featured a comprehensive rental catalog, showcasing the assortment of arbors and other rental items available.


The branding for Marsh Made Design involved rejuvenating the existing logo, producing a more distinct and streamlined version that was easily identifiable and memorable. The brand identity also included the creation of a texture representing the Great Smoky Mountains, the location in which the business operates. This texture was employed across various branding materials, such as business cards, brochures, and other promotional items, to reinforce the brand's connection to the region.


We devised a custom website design for Marsh Made Design on Showit, which highlighted the business's bespoke design and rental services. The website was crafted with a minimalist aesthetic, concentrating on the stunning arbors designed and rented by the business. We also ensured that the website was user-friendly, complete with an extensive rental catalog that allowed customers to view available rental items and submit rental inquiries.

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