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Amanda has always blended messaging with design. She blended them as a news editor in Philadelphia, and again years later as an Art Director for Altar'd State. But she combined them in a whole new way when she formed Liberty Type. She knew for women business owners to stand out online, they needed a strategic and cohesive identity to share with the world - so she made it her mission (as a mom herself) to help women go-getters show up and transform their space.

LT has served hundreds of businesses both large and small of almost every industry imaginable with strategic and beautiful messaging and design. Liberty Type has helped clients launch courses and open stores, expand their teams, pivot into new spaces, and grow to six and seven figures.

Part of that growth has meant expanding our team to include other talented, and well-educated women. All of the women you'll have the pleasure of working with are wives, moms of 2+, and amazing at what they do.

Amanda is a strategy-first designer with a goal to make entrepreneurial moms feel seen and heard.

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Amanda Burg

If you feel embarrassed by your online presence or lack thereof, you know how stressful it can be trying to communicate your vision to a team of creatives or a massive agency with account managers.

You find a copywriter to convey the message to your ideal client, a brand designer to establish your identity, a web designer to bring both together into a beautiful site, and a full-blown marketing team to skyrocket it all to success. And it all works, if you're lucky. For most, they end up managing the schedules of flaky creatives, launching months behind schedule, or feeling like they are one of a hundred other accounts the agency manages.

It can't be this hard to get and stay on brand, right?!

Liberty Type blends organized to-dos and deadlines with all the creativity you expect from brand building and marketing experts. Finally, all of the creative stuff for your business gets handled under one roof - by people you actually connect with.

Work with an agency that can do it all, without feeling like you're just one of hundreds of accounts.

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