Our all-encompassing, customized approach starts with a solid foundation in brand strategy and messaging before progressing through copywriting, visual identity, website design, and marketing content creation. This ensures you achieve the cohesive and captivating brand presence you've always desired. With over a decade of experience, our strategic and collaborative process enables our clients to confidently demonstrate their expertise, establish meaningful connections with their target audience, and unleash their full potential for success.

a streamlined brand-building process infused with strategy from the start.


You're successful and running an established business, and while you value great design and strategic messaging, you've succeeded thus far on DIY. You know that by having a true brand identity and cohesive presence built, your business can achieve its biggest season of growth yet.

You're driven and motivated but also busy running a business and growing a team and you trust the experts to take care of you, make smart decisions, and bring your ultimate vision to life.

You know that anytime you invest in your business, you experience a return like never before.

You're ready to stop playing small and swimming in a small pond. You're an expert in your industry and you're ready to do what is necessary so you can show up as the true authority you are.

Who You Are

We don't believe in gatekeeping. We strive to provide intentional strategy and education to you and your team to ensure you feel confident and well-equipped to grow your brand beyond our time together.


You're an expert in your industry and while you may not feel like an authority now, our process will empower you to start thinking differently. Our process provides space for you to step up and confidence for you to show up.


Our in-depth questionnaire, clarifying kickoff call, strategic and iron-clad processes and timelines, and regular check-ins will ensure you feel in the loop and taken care of at every step of the process.


We are committed to delivering outstanding results through our relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work. Our team is dedicated, all in-house, and cares about your business like it's our own.


Our Values

90-day marketing plan

seo & launch

web design


messaging & website copy


Working with us includes:

Full website copy 
Brand messaging complete with brand's personality, tone of voice, key brand messages, and brand archetype. 

during this phase:

We believe great design can't happen without great messaging first. Our Connection & Conversion formula infuses buyer psychology to bring true clarity to your business through strategic copy and messaging. We'll start by writing the copy for your new website before compiling general messaging rules unique to your brand (including the brand's personality, tone of voice, key brand messages, and brand archetype) into your Brand Manual.


phase o2:

In-depth questionnaire
Project Kickoff Call
Comprehensive 20+ page Brand Strategy Doc complete with findings, and next steps for building the brand.

during this phase:

To kickstart our process, we'll have you complete an in-depth questionnaire before engaging in a Project Kickoff Call to go over your goals and vision. From there, our team will complete an in-depth competitive analysis and a deep dive into strategic positioning. We'll develop an in-depth strategy for your brand messaging, creative direction, site architecture, and marketing efforts.


phase o1:

— kendra richardson

"Liberty Type's drive to truly make your brand work for YOU and your ideal audience is palpable, and so appreciated. Working with Liberty Type was the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and storytelling."

Full custom website design
Integration with CRM, email newsletter platform, etc...

during this phase:

With great strategy, clarified messaging, and a dynamic brand - we'll bring it all together into a custom website that serves as the main touchpoint for you to connect and convert your audience. We'll create a clean and organized website design that best represents your aesthetics, makes your messaging the priority, and represents the authority you have in your space.

Website Design

phase o4:

Full brand identity design
Color palette and Typography suite
Digital and print collateral items
Complete Brand Manual that includes brand strategy, messaging, creative direction, brand visuals, and guidelines.

during this phase:

With design, our style becomes your style. We'll build out a full creative direction for your brand before creating logo designs, a dynamic color palette, and a typography suite. From print to digital materials, we'll combine your branding into thoughtful and intentional collateral pieces to ensure your brand is cohesive everywhere it shows up. As a takeaway, you'll receive a Brand Manual that informs you and your team about the brand on every level.

Brand Design

phase o3:


"I'm sending a big THANK YOU to the entire Liberty Type team! I'm honestly speechless at how amazing it turned out. The number one thing I hear from those I shared everything with was, "It's so YOU!". The way you captured my personality and were able to translate it takes true talent and attention. I'm so grateful!"

90-Day Marketing & Content Plan
Suggested schedule for content
Walkthrough of content styles and pillars
All social media content (including: captions, graphics, reels, carousels, selected photos, and related hashtags)
All blog content for an entire quarter

during this phase:

Once you launch, what comes next? If you're busy running a business and don't have time for marketing (or you hate relying on a VA or social media manager that doesn't understand strategy), then you'll love phase 06. Our team will put together a 90-day marketing and content plan before creating the actual content so you're ready to show up consistently and intentionally for an entire quarter.

Marketing Plan

phase 06 (optional)

60 Minute Launch & Marketing Call
Launch Plan and Checklist
SEO install (page and image names, meta descriptions)
Domain and blog set-up/migration
Video training series

during this phase:

What good are phases 01-04 if you don't feel confident launching or no one can find you once you do? Our team will work with you to develop a strategic launch plan along with targeted SEO descriptions and keywords that will put you a step above your competition. We'll install foundational SEO, set up your domain and blog, and provide you with in-depth training videos so you feel confident making small edits all on your own.

SEO & Launch

phase o5:

Design Assistant



Lead Graphic Designer



Marketing Manager


Lead Copywriter


Creative Director


Our in-house team is dedicated to bringing your mission and vision to life

meet your team of experts

Client Success Coordinator



The average client works with us for about 3-5 months plus additional marketing work beyond their launch.


The established service-provider that understands the value in working with one expert team to build a clarified brand, message, website, and marketing presence. You've likely hit multiple six figures in revenue with a DIYed or subpar presence and you're now looking to scale to seven figures and beyond with an intentional and dynamic strategy that asserts your authority in the space, makes you look like the expert you are, and helps you differentiate yourself from the competition.

perfect for:



"I truly felt that I was taken care of at each touch point of the creation and launch process. I'm an extremely creative, visionary person and Amanda was able to pull that very specific vision together and create something I could've never imagined or done myself. I am TRULY in awe of what the Liberty Type team created for our business. Amanda, you have truly crafted something that I can confidently say is going to change how our brand interacts with the world. I honestly am a little scared at how much this is going to sell people on our service because we're going to have to be ready for the amount of business this site is going to get us. (I'm not even kidding, I really am a tiny bit scared!) From 6 figures to 7 figures...this website is going to get us there."

submit an application

We'll then proceed through our process with Phases 01-06. You'll be updated regularly on our progress through the phases before officially launching. We can't wait!



The week before your scheduled project, we'll meet on a recorded Zoom call to go over your project, your questionnaire, and the overall strategy, goals, and vision for the project.

kickoff call


To prepare for your project, you'll receive an in-depth questionnaire that will cover everything we need to know about your project before we begin. This form is due 1 week before your kickoff call.



Begin by submitting an application. We'll then reach out to schedule a Consultation Call and forward along an agreement and invoice if we both decide it's a great fit.



Work with our white-glove agency to define and clarify your brand from beginning to end

our streamlined process

Yes! We'd love to continue building out your marketing plan to ensure your strategy, voice, and brand stays consistent and cohesive throughout the year! Most of our clients choose to reserve a 90-Days of Content intensive to get all of the content they need for the quarter.

can we keep working together on just the marketing piece?

Probably! While our specialty lies in working with luxury service providers and those in the wellness space (mainly therapists and therapy centers), we've worked with various wedding industry pros, coaches and mentors, authors, attorneys, educators and course creators, strategists and consultants, bloggers, doulas, and birth professionals, podcast hosts, start-up companies, a fashion retailer, realtors and home stagers, a catering company and restaurant, a resort, a retreat, and a luxury development company.

have you worked with my industry?

Our team builds all custom websites via the Showit platform (which pairs with WordPress). Besides integrations with checkouts or course login pages, we are not currently accepting e-commerce projects. Liberty Type is a proud Showit Design Partner (since 2018) and has coached Showit users at the annual Spark conference.

What website platform do you use for building your custom sites?

Whatever you'd like! Our process can include any print or digital collateral items you may need. In the past, we've created lead magnets, guides, media kits, business cards, email signatures, letterheads, slide deck templates, brochures, packaging supplies (bags, boxes, tape, stickers, hang tags), signage, barricades, etc... Let your imagination run wild!


It's simply the best way we've found to deliver the best results. While some companies choose to focus in just one area or delegate other pieces of the process to outside vendors with their own process or timeline - we've found this only results in a brand that feels piecemealed and disjointed. Our process ensures you only need to communicate your vision one-time (a true time saver when you're busy running a successful business) and then our team will work collaboratively, with you and with one another, to build an amazing, intentional, results-driven brand from strategy to launch. If you don't need every aspect of our Signature Experience, you're welcome to reserve the pieces of the process you do need on our Intensives page. If you want a true partnership with unmatched support and collaboration, our Signature Experience is the best choice for you.

why do you include everything in one experience?

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