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Our expertise

We'll start with a comprehensive questionnaire and a Brand Strategy Workshop to understand everything about your brand. Our team will conduct a thorough competitive analysis, strategically position your brand, and craft a detailed roadmap for your messaging, design, and marketing success. Get ready for a journey that will elevate your brand to new heights.

brand blueprint


We believe great design can't happen without great messaging first. Our unique formula develops your brand voice, ensures it connects and resonates with your target audience and infuses buyer psychology to bring true clarity to your brand.

message mastery

deliverables can include:

Website page copy
Sales page copy
Copy for marketing materials
Copy for lead magnets or client guides
Email welcome sequence copy
Blog post content

With design, our style becomes your style. We'll create a dynamic and fully custom brand identity that perfectly complements your ideal client and brand messaging and sets you up for long-lasting success.

design dive

deliverables can include:

Art and creative direction
Photoshoot direction and brand photography
Brand identity and logo design
Design of collateral items and marketing materials
Website design and development

deliverables can include:

A 90-Minute Brand Strategy Workshop
An in-depth deck detailing every aspect of your brand's strategy

— kendra martin, wedding photographer

"I have worked with Liberty Type Co. a few times over the last few years and they have knocked my socks off every single time. From copy, to my website, to special projects here and there, they have delivered beautiful work every single time. Their process of getting to know "me" and my brand, translated into a website that really speaks to my ideal clients. To the entire Liberty Type Co. team, thank you so so much for all that y'all have done!!! Can't wait to work with you all again!!"

Your brand's success doesn't depend on only your identity, messaging, photography, or your website. Your brand is the sum of all its parts, and that's why our team has expertise in every area.

04. We're experts in the entire branding process

Beautiful aesthetics are nothing without compelling copy. As a strategy and messaging first agency, you'll always receive the copy for an item before you ever see the design of it.

03. Copy isn't just included — it's a non-negotiable

We believe that creativity is at its best when paired with precise deadlines and clear parameters. From the start you'll receive hard dates for deliverables ensuring you always know what's next.

02. We commit to hard deadlines from the start

You've hired experts because you need custom solutions and we believe in giving them to you. Everything we create is started from scratch with the utmost strategy and intention.

01. Everything is always 100% custom

We believe great aesthetics can't happen without strategy and storytelling infused at every single level.

our (unique) approach

Recent Case Studies

We primarily serve women business owners & service providers who are ready to elevate their brands to new heights.

who we're the perfect fit for

When you're a powerhouse (or hoping to step into that role), you need a team of experts dedicated to transforming every piece of your presence.

You've likely hit six figures or multiple six figures in revenue (or have a business plan projecting this) with a DIYed or subpar presence. You're ready to stop playing small and invest what it takes in a brand and identity that will suit you for years to come.

You're beyond the DIY thing

You understand the value of strategy and copy and only want to invest in a team that values it as much as you do. You know great messaging gets real results and want whatever you put into the world to be more than just pretty or trendy.

Aesthetics aren't the only important piece

Building a business is about more than making money or doing something you love — it's about impacting the lives of your clients, your audience, and your team on a show-stopping level. Your purpose is bigger and your brand should be too.

You want your brand to create true impact

"Working with Liberty Type was one of the most organized, impactful processes I've ever invested in and experienced. I am TRULY in awe of what the Liberty Type team created for our business. I honestly am a little scared at how much this is going to sell people on our service ready for the amount of business this site is going to get us. (I'm not even kidding, I really am a tiny bit scared!) From 6 figures to 7 figures...this website is going to get us there."


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Some further details about working together

The average client works with our team for 3-5 months, depending on the number of items and amount of assistance they need. 

average timeline:

Projects can vary in terms of cost. All project proposals are fully custom depending on your needs and goals. Please be prepared for a five figure investment when working with our team.


All of our custom websites are built using the Showit platform. Liberty Type has been a proud Showit user since 2017, a certified Design Partner since 2020, been featured in Showit's Spark Anthology (a collection of the best websites of the year), and been invited to attend Showit's Spark Conference as a website coach.

preferred website builder:

We've had the pleasure of working with several businesses local to Knoxville, Tennessee. Join us for in-person meetings to discuss your vision or even work with our team to plan your own brand photoshoot. We'd love to collaborate in person!