In just 4 weeks, we’ll transform a generic template into an on-brand masterpiece. Whether you’re a DIYer who found the process too frustrating or you’ve been eyeing a template and simply don’t have the time to mess with it, we’ve got you covered. Our proven process will leave you with a website that fits perfectly with your brand.

Give your brand a glow up.

Messaging & Template Customization Experience

We get it. The added stress of learning Showit or trying to put all the pieces together on your own is time-consuming. Oftentimes, it results in pushing your website off. With us, you can hand over the reins with ease and finally hit publish.

You deserve to launch the site of your dreams.

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As such, we do extensive pre-work to ensure that we’re hitting the ground running before day one. You’ll find yourself thinking deeper about your ideal client, offers, and vision than ever before. Clients often say this step alone is worth the investment.

We believe the work starts way before the project.

Our Unique Methodology

Gone are the days of wondering “what happens next?” or feeling lost in limbo. We set the bar and provide a clear timeline with specific due dates so you know exactly where we are in the process.  

We devise a structured timeline so you know exactly what to expect.

Unlike other agencies who outsource work to other creatives, we have one dedicated expert team to handle everything from start to finish. Why? Because every single element of a wildly successful brand is rooted in a cohesive strategy.

We do everything in-house.




  • Home page copy structured around your template (add-on pages available)
  • A collaborative revision round

We guide you by setting the stage with an initial messaging strategy.

WEEKS 1-2: Messaging

  • Implementing your brand fonts and colors
  • Styling the template to best fit your brand
  • A collaborative revision round

We elevate your Showit template of choice and make it on-brand. 

  • Domain and blog setup/migration
  • Brief walkthrough video

Hitting publish and debuting a website you’re damn proud of.

Weeks 3-4: Customization

Week 4: Launch

Need a brand to help bring your template to life?

Professional branding will make or break a brand—which is why we require it before working with us. Don’t have it? We offer it too.

Whether you’re launching a new business or your brand is ready for a refresh to reflect growth or a change in direction, we’re the perfect team to make it happen. We’ll create a strategic brand identity that will help you scale beyond your wildest dreams.

With 2 extra weeks to the timeline, you’ll get:

Custom Brand Identity

  • Main logo design, alternates, submarks, and icons
  • Coordinating pattern or elements (if applicable)
  • Font suite
  • Color palette
  • Social media kit
  • A collaborative revision round
  • All files
  • Brand manual

  • Font suite
  • Color palette
  • Brand style guide
  • Logo recoloring (with original files only)

with no additional time, you'll get:

Brand Restyle

Have an existing logo you love? No problem. We’ll elevate it and build brand elements around it so everything comes full circle and you can show up cohesively.


"Amanda's expert eye and attention to detail allow you to rest easy amidst the entire process."

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To provide a white-glove experience, we have limited spots and book 1-2 months in advance. Payment plans of 4 monthly payments of $875 are available.

The Investment

Starting at $3,497 

We believe copy informs design, not the other way around; and that creating a beautiful website is impossible without writing great copy first. Having strong strategic messaging that connects with your ideal client is the key to conversion and making sales.

What is the importance of copy?

Common questions

For this experience, we only work off one selected template and customize it to best fit your brand. If you’re looking for full customization, visit our Custom Messaging & Design Experience here.

I have several templates that I love, can we mix and match?

We use Showit! If you’ve never used it before, don’t worry. Not only will we train you and your team on how to use and edit your site, we’ll also provide ongoing support to help you modify as you grow.

What platform do you build your websites on?