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Case Study: the center

Our team began by pinpointing the primary challenges with The Center's existing website, such as poor navigation and inadequate differentiation from competitors. We then crafted a comprehensive strategy that emphasized enhancing the user experience, highlighting The Center's distinct features, and establishing them as a frontrunner in the therapy and counseling sector.


A walkthrough of our process

Our copywriting team produced engaging and informative content tailored to the unique needs and experiences of The Center's prospective clients. We collaborated closely with The Center's team to create clear and succinct messaging that would resonate with their target audience and emphasize their distinctive approach to therapy.


The Center's antiquated branding failed to convey their professional and compassionate approach to therapy. Our branding specialists designed a new visual identity that was contemporary, professional, and inviting. The updated branding incorporated soothing colors and imagery to evoke a sense of comfort and security for potential clients.


Our web design team constructed a modern, user-friendly website that showcased The Center's novel approach to therapy and featured their team of skilled therapists. We utilized the new branding to establish a consistent appearance and ambiance throughout the website, making it effortless for users to navigate and access the information they require.

web design

We conducted thorough research on the keywords and search phrases that potential clients used to find therapy and counseling services in New Jersey. Our team applied this research to optimize the website's content and structure, ensuring that The Center's website would rank highly in search results and be easily discoverable by potential clients.

seo & launch

"Wow! Everything Liberty Type did looks great. They perfectly highlighted our goals of narrative therapy and wellness throughout the process. Our entire team loves everything they created - what a difference it is all going to make!"