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Case Study: workplay

When Lyrik and Traci initially approached us in late 2021, they had already established a six-figure business without a website. After collaborating with them on a custom website design and brand messaging, they achieved their quarterly goals within just one month and have since expanded their business to nearly seven figures. In late 2022, they contacted us again to assist them in elevating and transforming their presence to align with their new target market. We partnered with them to reevaluate their brand strategy and brand messaging, as well as to develop a new custom website that showcased their revamped appearance and the remarkable new partnerships they had forged since their first site's launch.


A walkthrough of our process

During our initial collaboration with Lyrik and Traci, they possessed a clear vision of their business's direction and the message they wanted to communicate. We cooperated with them to devise a brand messaging strategy that was striking and memorable, resonating with their target audience. We also crafted website copy that was engaging, clear, and concise, while emphasizing their business's unique features. After the launch, their messaging proved so successful that they trademarked it, and it has since become a hallmark of how they discuss their brand with their target audience.


We collaborated with Lyrik and Traci to create a website design that was both contemporary and user-friendly, resembling a SaaS company's aesthetic. One of their primary objectives was to ensure that their ideal audience not only recognized their offerings in brand photography and content creation but also comprehended how this content could be utilized within their own businesses. By designing pages that showcased different photography styles and various content creation pillars, we successfully achieved this goal.

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"Our first impression has been just sheer joy & a realization that our vision was actually coming to life! We had a vision for this next stage but Liberty Type was able to create messaging that not only properly communicated what we did but also allowed us to get a baseline for all the other marketing materials we want to push out this year! This is the start of a whole different level of our business. We wanted a more elevated, organized, and sophisticated business owner coming into our method and this website conveys exactly what they need to see to feel really understood! If you're considering making an investment like this... This process gets you CLEAR asf. You are going to be able to see a tangible result of who you are as a company and what direction you're going in. You’re then going to be able to use that clear direction in all of your marketing, your high-level conversations, and essentially anywhere your brand shows up! WE LOVE LIBERTY TYPE"