Strategy, Messaging, and Branding


Case Study: ARCADIAN

Our team collaborated closely with Arcadian's creators to pinpoint their unique selling proposition and establish the brand's overall strategy. Through market research, we identified a burgeoning interest in sustainable living and self-sustaining communities, leading us to recommend embracing this concept for the brand. We advised emphasizing the development's natural and organic elements while maintaining communication about its luxury status.


A walkthrough of our process

To convey the luxurious yet sustainable essence of the development, our copywriting team devised a brand voice and message that highlighted the community's environmental features and opulent lifestyle. We pinpointed key phrases and language that would resonate with Arcadian's target audience and employed this language in crafting taglines, website copy, and other marketing materials. The community's eco-friendly aspects were underscored, along with the luxurious amenities offered by the homes and the community itself.


We developed a comprehensive brand identity for Arcadian, aligned with its eco-conscious and luxury brand messaging. The design team chose natural, earthy colors for the brand's palette to emphasize the development's connection to nature. Elegant and sophisticated typography was selected to reflect its high-end status. Our team also designed a logo inspired by the community's natural elements, such as trees and water. We produced a detailed brand manual outlining the brand's strategy, voice and tone, color palette, typography, and logo usage guidelines to ensure consistency across all channels.


"Liberty Type did a stunning job bringing the brand to life! Everything they created was absolutely beautiful. They work quickly, had incredible attention to detail, and thought about the brand holistically. Internally, everyone from the team bought in immediatedly. Thank you Liberty Type!"