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Strategic brand experiences to elevate you to your next stage.

who we serve:

While we primarily serve women coaches, health practitioners and service providers, we are always open to extending our experience and expertise to those in other fields.

our capabilities:

brand strategy
creative direction
brand identity design
marketing materials and collateral

copywriting and brand messaging
website design
content planning and strategy


co-working space

The Aligned Strategy

business strategist

HQ Alchemy

business strategist


luxury homes


retail chain


brand photography

Wedding Bouquet Shop

wedding florist

Emma Cleary

photo & video co.

Brooke Daniels

business coach


professional orG.

Old Mill Bread


Summer Montabone

business coach

— kendra richardson, consultant

"Liberty Type's drive to truly make your brand work for YOU and your ideal audience is palpable, and so appreciated. Working with Liberty Type was the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and storytelling."

Your brand's success doesn't depend on only your identity, messaging, photography, or your website. Your brand is the sum of all its parts, and that's why our team has expertise in every area.

04. We're experts in the entire branding process

Beautiful aesthetics are nothing without compelling copy. As a strategy and messaging first agency, you'll always receive the copy for an item before you ever see the design of it.

03. Copy isn't just included — it's a non-negotiable

We believe that creativity is at its best when paired with precise deadlines and clear parameters. From the start you'll receive hard dates for deliverables ensuring you always know what's next.

02. We commit to hard deadlines from the start

You've hired experts because you need custom solutions and we believe in giving them to you. Everything we create is started from scratch with the utmost strategy and intention.

01. Everything is always 100% custom

We believe great aesthetics can't happen without strategy and storytelling infused at every single level.

our (unique) approach