"We've created a successful business without a website but we were getting to the level where not having a website was truly embarrassing and hurting our brand. I finally have a place on the internet that embodies our brand, our mission, the level of service that we provide, EVERYTHING. From 6 figures to 7 figures...this website is going to get us there. Amanda, you have truly crafted something that I can confidently say is going to change how our brand interacts with the world. I honestly am a little scared at how much this is going to sell people on our service because we're going to have to be ready for the amount of business this site is going to get us. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!"


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Since being introduced to Lyrik, Traci, and the WorkPlay method, we've proudly served 8 WorkPlay clients through copy & design.

"Liberty Type was hands down the best investment I have ever made in my business. Amanda is a freaking creative genius and I am forever grateful for what she has done for my online presence. Amanda helped me take a business pivot into a pivotal career move."

brooke bakken

Brooke has worked with us on a Custom Brand Identity, Custom Copy & Design, as well as email newsletter and guide design.

"My husband cried. He said that this website inspires him to seek more, to work more, to be better and inspire others. It totally represents our brand and us. It is full of life and colour - the way we and our couples are. I look at this website and see now that we will be able to show the real value of our work and connect with our dream couples."

yurga & mindo nakutis

nate creamer

I am going through my website and I just wanted to say that I am absolutely blown away! I was so worried about switching platforms, but you nailed it! I can already tell this is going to attract the client I've been wanting, and I am so glad I found you! You've made everything so easy and the fact that you stick to a schedule is so refreshing!

"Before working with Liberty Type, my business was doing well but I was ready to take things to the next level. We definitely did that! My 2021 weddings were sitting between $3-5k, whereas now I'm average $5-8k. That's huge! I even booked my calendar solid with portrait sessions at full pricing no questions asked."

kendra martin

Kendra has now worked with us on Custom Copy & Design, custom wedding and engagement guides, and a copy and website refresh coming in 2022.

"You absolutely will have my business for years to come! You have a serious gift Amanda. You are unbelievably talented, never let anyone steal your shine! Just look at my site and that will remind you about what you are able to bring to life!"

alissa silverman

kendra richardson

"I feel on top of the world amazing! Seriously such an incredible experience working with Liberty Type. Amanda's expert eye and attention to detail allow you to rest easy amidst the entire process. Her drive to truly make your website work for YOU and your ideal audience is palpable, and so appreciated. Working with Liberty Type was the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and storytelling. I can't wait to do it again!"

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