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We're here to elevate your brand in every way.

We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of ambitious women in business. Our mission is to equip you with the strategic clarity, creative excellence, and unwavering support you need to shatter the status quo, break barriers, and create a lasting legacy.

— based in Knoxville, Tennessee

our signature experience

One collaborative, strategic experience to elevate and bring clarity to your branding, messaging, and website.

When you're ready to build a brand that outshines your competition, establishes you as an authority, and leaves a lasting impression on your ideal clients  —  nailing it on the first try is a must. Rather than hiring separate professionals who want to segment and piece meal your brand, we break from the norm. Our team of all female experts will work collaboratively with you to transform every element —  from strategy and brand identity to copywriting and website design. That means strategy and beautiful aesthetics infused at every level.

our capabilities:

brand strategy
creative direction
brand photography
brand identity design

marketing materials and collateral
copywriting and brand messaging
website design
content planning and strategy


creative liberty club

Once you have an aesthetic you love, showing up consistently and on brand shouldn't become a full-time gig.

To keep scaling and growing you know you'll need to get in front of new audiences — but how do you manage creating content amidst the other CEO tasks you do each day? If your marketing strategy feels more like a game of "post and pray," it's time for an upgrade.

With Creative Liberty Club, hand over your goals and plans for the quarter and watch us turn it into 90 days of strategic, on-brand content in just a few weeks.


"Liberty Type is the kind of unicorn a small business owner dreams of — approachable yet white-glove, high-touch + affordable, efficient + very detailed. They are the very perfect mix of a design firm and a brand agency. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone — and I have!"

— erika biddix, owner of a female co-working space

Your brand's success doesn't depend on only your identity, messaging, photography, or your website. Your brand is the sum of all its parts, and that's why our team has expertise in every area.

04. We're experts in the entire branding process

Beautiful aesthetics are nothing without compelling copy. As a strategy and messaging first agency, you'll always receive the copy for an item before you ever see the design of it.

03. Copy isn't just included — it's a non-negotiable

We believe that creativity is at its best when paired with precise deadlines and clear parameters. From the start you'll receive hard dates for deliverables ensuring you always know what's next.

02. We commit to hard deadlines from the start

You've hired experts because you need custom solutions and we believe in giving them to you. Everything we create is started from scratch with the utmost strategy and intention.

01. Everything is always 100% custom

We believe great aesthetics can't happen without strategy and storytelling infused at every single level.

our (unique) approach

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We primarily serve women business owners & service providers who are ready to elevate their brands to new heights.

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Since 2016, our agency has helped 200+ businesses transform their presence through messaging and design.

With nearly a decade of experience, Founder Amanda Burg created Liberty Type as a bespoke branding and marketing agency to help other female founders refine their messaging, develop and strengthen their online presence, and reach their audience in truly impactful ways. Over the last seven years, she's continued to make this her mission — all while raising three babies at home.

At Liberty Type we take pride in our obsession to detail, our unyielding commitment to deadlines, and our passion for being true collaborators in building and growing women's brands.

Our belief? With epic storytelling and laser-focused strategy, women can wear all the hats and build lasting legacies.

"Working with Liberty Type was the best decision I made while starting up my therapy practice. The team was incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. They have a unique ability to capture your personality and target audience. I was absolutely amazed with the final product and would recommend them to anyone!"


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