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Get ready to find true clarity in your brand identity and messaging.
Our thoughtfully-crafted and strategic experience will allow you to elevate every piece of your brand and show up how you've always dreamed.

ready to Revel in your brand's sophistication?

You've likely spent the last several years building an established, well-oiled machine, and that has left zero time for creating a brand or establishing an identity that represents the authority you have in your space.

When you're ready to build a brand with lasting impact, getting it right the first time is imperative. We're a team of in-house brand, messaging, website, and marketing strategists here to help you create and manage an impactful brand with real substance.

Clarified brands have a lasting impact on the world.


your authority, reach a higher level client.

Amanda Burg, high off her successful career as a Philadelphia news editor and later a corporate art director, founded Liberty Type in 2016 and grew it to a multiple-six-figure agency while raising two babies at home.

Over the last seven years, Liberty Type has helped successful, established business owners finally achieve the online presence and dream brand that matches their authority and expertise. Today, the Liberty Team team is composed of six amazing and highly-educated women, all of whom are dedicated to you, your business, and your goals.

We're a strategy and messaging first, all-female creative agency with a goal to help women revolutionize their spaces.

the agency

After you launch, what comes next? We'll put together a 90-day marketing plan, including actual created content for your social media and blog, so you can show up consistently and intentionally.



What's the point of phases 01-04 if no one can find you once you launch? That's why we'll install foundational SEO, set up your domain and blog, and provide you with in-depth training videos, so you're all set to launch.

seo & launch


Phases 01-03 converge here. We'll combine the strategy, messaging, and brand identity into a seamless, high-converting custom website that establishes you as a true authority in one cohesive online presence.

web design


With our design services, your style becomes our style. We'll develop a full creative direction for your brand before implementing the aesthetic through logo designs, colors, typography, and supporting collateral.



We believe that great design can't happen without great messaging. That's why our Connection & Conversion formula infuses buyer psychology to bring true clarity to your business through strategic copy.



After conducting an in-depth competitive analysis and delving into strategic positioning, we will develop an overarching strategy for your brand messaging, creative direction, site architecture, and marketing.



Finally a process that delivers both appealing and result-driven brands.

the liberty type methodology


— lyrik fryer

I truly felt that I was taken care of at each touch point of the creation and launch process. I'm an extremely creative, visionary person and Amanda was able to pull that very specific vision together and create something I could've never imagined or done myself. I am TRULY in awe of what the Liberty Type team created for our business. Amanda, you have truly crafted something that I can confidently say is going to change how our brand interacts with the world. I honestly am a little scared at how much this is going to sell people on our service because we're going to have to be ready for the amount of business this site is going to get us. (I'm not even kidding, I really am a tiny bit scared!) From 6 figures to 7 figures...this website is going to get us there.

Working with Liberty Type was one of the most organized, impactful processes I've ever invested in and experienced.

Marsh Made specializes in designing and constructing bespoke wooden arbors for weddings and special events. With Brian's remarkable success, he aimed to enhance his online presence, targeting the luxury market and catering to Knoxville clientele.



Starting with no website and a six-figure business, WorkPlay (a photography subscription program) has worked with our agency twice to successfully establish a strategy, brand message, and a dynamic website presence to hit their goal of seven-figures.

subscription program


The Center is a therapy center with three locations in New Jersey. Their decade-old website, branding, and messaging were in need of a complete revamp to better emphasize their unique selling proposition and attract new clients.

therapy center


"I'm sending a big THANK YOU to the entire Liberty Type team! I'm honestly speechless at how amazing it turned out. The number one thing I hear from those I shared everything with was, "It's so YOU!". The way you captured my personality and were able to translate it takes true talent and attention. I'm so grateful!"