Sugar Bee Flowers

Sugar Bee Flowers specializes in creating exceptional, luxury floral arrangements that stand out for their artistry and exclusivity, aiming to elevate significant events like weddings and high-end gatherings. The brand is distinguished by its focus on meticulous craftsmanship and personalized service, catering to clients and brands who cherish sophisticated aesthetics and meaningful celebrations. Through its floral designs, Sugar Bee Flowers enhances experiences, fosters lasting memories, and sets a high standard in the realm of luxury floral design.

phase 1: strategy

  1. Position SBF as the top luxury floral design brand in Melbourne
  2. Emphasize an aura of exclusivity and offer personalized, distinctive floral experiences
  3. Differentiate from competitors by showcasing unique and inspired floral arrangements
  4. Maintain a distinct identity separate from its sister brand, The Wedding Bouquet Shop

phase 2: copy

Archetype: Th ruler archetype resonates with Sugar Bee's focus on dominating the luxury floral market, its penchant for creating high-end experiences, and its pursuit of perfection. The Ruler desires to create environments where everyone can thrive, much like Sugar Bee's intention to craft floral designs that elevate an event's ambiance and evoke deep emotions.

Tone of Voice: Sophisticated, Inspirational, Assured, Warm, Personal, Articulative, Educative, Exclusive, and Passionate

phase 3: branding

Creative Direction: Sugar Bee's completed visual strategy embraced "quiet luxury" through minimalism and an editorial style. This approach included a clean, whitespace-dominated design, a harmonious blend of modern and classic typography, and a neutral color palette with subtle metallic accents. The brand's imagery focused on editorial-inspired photography that captured genuine moments and floral artistry, complemented by minimal graphics and luxurious tactile elements like linen finishes in printed materials.

Tone and Direction: Simple, Minimalist, Quiet Luxury, Editorial, Feminine, Sophisticated, White Space, Fashion Conscious

phase 4 and 5: web design & launch