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Your OFFER deserves an upgrade.
Brace yourself for a smarter solution.

Your offer deserves an upgrade.

Brace yourself for a smarter solution.

Our branding agency will revitalize your individual offer with striking branding, persuasive copy, and a high-converting sales page, all seamlessly integrated. We take the hassle out of managing multiple creatives and ensure your offer shines bright amongst the competition.

You've poured your heart into creating an outstanding offer, but does the branding reflect its true value?


Forget about working with separate creatives for branding, sales page copy, and web design. Our branding agency offers a comprehensive project roadmap, in-house collaboration, and clear launch dates with a commitment to meet every deadline.

The comprehensive way to get your offer on-brand

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All for just 4 payments of $1650

exact project deadlines


one in-sync team


sales page design




branding for your offer


what you receive

One team, one process, your offer launched ON TIME

Hey! Ready to chat about your upcoming project?

A week before your scheduled start date, we'll hop on a Kickoff call via Zoom to delve into the project specifics and start crafting our plan.


Once we confirm your start date, we'll send over your project timeline so you are in the know about what to expect and when.


Shortly after reserving your project, expect to receive your onboarding questionnaire automatically so we can get all the necessary details in order before we begin.



To kick things off, let's chat through some details before you jump in.

To kick things off, let's chat through some details before you jump in.

get started

After receiving the presentation on a Friday, you'll have until Tuesday to provide us with your feedback so we can make edits.


During this phase, our branding agency will design the branding around your offer. From logos and typography, to colors and textures, to custom icons and symbols.

brand presentation




We're happy to design any other branded items you may need like slide decks, workbooks, packaging, stickers, etc... for an additional fee.

need design for other items?


We're happy to write copy for anything you may need. Lead magnets, email sequences, etc... we can write it all for an additional fee.

need copy for other items?

After receiving your copy on a Friday, you'll have until Tuesday to provide us with your feedback so we can amend the copy to a final version.


During this phase, we'll write the copy for your offer's sales page. We'll apply buyer psychology to connect your offer with the right audience and sell them on the value.

first draft

step 02


After receiving the first draft on a Friday, you'll have until Tuesday to provide us with your feedback so we can make edits.


During this phase, we'll beautifully combine your copy and branding into a long-form Showit sales page. We'll connect your external checkout links as well.

first draft

step 03


Once set-up is complete, we'll film a training video to walk you through everything about your sales page.

set-up & training video

It's almost time to launch your new brand and we don't want to miss a thing. We'll hop on a Zoom call with you to plan out every single aspect of your launch.

planning call

step 04



Want a lead magnet or webinar sequence written and created? Want to create a waitlist page? What about a challenge? We can help!

can you help further?

It's almost time to show the world what we've been working on! Ready to plan your launch?

all for just

4 payments of $1650

Hey! That's where the idea for this offer began! Head here to checkout how we can apply the principles of The Blueprint to a rebrand of your entire company or personal brand.


jordan gill, owner of systems saved me & myml

"I wanted something that was fun, and feminine, and futuristic, and innovative, and an all over different vibe than all of our previous events that we've done plus all the events that you see out there - and they did it so brilliantly. It was absolutely amazing, such an awesome experience, so organized. I love all the little touches and details she put into everything. It is just gonna make our event so incredible. Im so grateful for Amanda and her team. If you're looking for something to be able to dissect and understand what it is you want your brand or your offers to look like, I highly recommend 10/10 Amanda and her team to be able to do that for you. She's absolutely amazing and who I recommend if you want someone who is sharp, forward facing, but also listens to you and how you want to show up."

"I just have to shout from the rooftops how well Amanda and her team were able to capture what I was looking for"


Most of our clients come back to us again and we love that.

true partners

We only take a few projects a year. Great work or nothing at all.

quality work

You'll get a roadmap and exact dates for your project before we start.

real deadlines

200+ clients and 8 years later, our process is thought-out and fool-proof.

an expert process

the liberty type offer blueprint was created for entrepreneurs & business owners who want...

Liberty Type has been leading the way with a brand-new approach that guarantees exceptional outcomes for our clients.

since 2016

When you partner with our branding agency, you get a copywriter, a brand designer, and a web designer all in your back pocket. Plus the benefits of a team that collaborates, and one seamless process that launches your offer on time.

think again...

Considering working with separate creatives to bring your offer to life?

Create a cohesive brand, message, and sales page for your offer that launches ON TIME without breaking the bank WHEN YOU WORK WITH OUR BRANDING AGENCY.

8+ years and big brand experience

Exact due dates before we begin

One in-house team that collaborates

Offer brand design
Long-Form Sales Page Copy
Showit Sales Page Design
External connections
Less than $7k investment

the blueprint mini

Little experience working with big brands

Zero due dates or timelines

Segmented process with no collaboration

Sales page design for $3k+

Long-form sales page copy for $3k+

Branding for $2-5k

working with others

Here’s how we stack up against the competition.

All for just 4 payments of $1650

blow your competition out of the water


amplify your visibility


show up cohesively everywhere




look as valuable as it is


Let's join forces to create an offer that will...

with liberty type

rise above the competition

just 4 payments of $1650

Let's Kickstart Your Offer's Evolution

answers to your questions

Any business that wants to create a true brand around their speciality offer. From courses, to programs, to masterminds - we have helped with it all. We find the best projects come from clients who are ready to invest and boldly make a stance in their industry. If you love challenging the status quo and articulating your expertise, our branding agency will be the perfect fit to help.

Who is this the best fit for?

The Offer Blueprint is 6-week system to get your offer on-brand in every way. We begin with branding, then long-form sales page copy, sales page design via Showit, and launch. We provide exact due dates and a strict timeline before the start of your project so you always know what phase you're in and what to expect next. These timelines assert deadlines for both your team and ours to ensure you launch on time. We typically book 1-2 months in advance. If you’re ready to dive right in or would like to chat through some details first, we would love to talk to you!

What is your timeline and process like?

If you already have a brand you love or copy from another copywriter and still want to work with us, that is fine! We'll put your branding or copy through our process to ensure it hits all the marks and you still get the most out of the experience.


Are you as excited as we are to get started? If so, book a call today! We can’t wait to bring your vision to life!

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