We turn your expertise into the ultimate online presence.

Meet your all female team ready to take your dream to the next level.


Simply put, we're a team of experts that build brands & then help them grow.

The key to building the brand 
Includes: brand identity design, copywriting and brand messaging, plus a completely custom website design with SEO. Yep, all in-house.

custom copy & design

The key to growing the brand
Includes: monthly content planning + strategy, social media management, blog posts, and email newsletters. We're your new marketing dept.


Imagine how much further you could grow your brand if you left the creative & marketing to someone else...

In 2016, Founder + CEO Amanda Burg started Liberty Type high-off her 6 year career as a Philadelphia news journalist, with a brand new baby in tow. She wanted to build a branding and marketing agency that gave female creatives and service professionals the opportunity to focus on their craft and families while she helped them grow their business. Seven years later, Liberty Type has helped 200+ clients and employs many other expert women.

Custom Copy & Design

Work with our expert team for 9 weeks on brand identity design, copywriting and brand messaging, plus a completely custom website design with SEO.

the key to building your brand

Monthly Marketing Services

Allow our team to become your in-house marketing department. You'll work with us for 6 months as we build a strategy and content plan, create your social media graphics and captions, write blog post content and email newsletters.

the key to GROWING your brand

We've served businesses large and small in every industry imaginable.

seven years of wowing clients

We've worked with: photographers, wedding industry professionals, therapists and therapy centers, coaches and mentors, authors, attorneys, educators and course creators, strategists and consultants, bloggers, doulas and birth professionals, podcast hosts, start-up companies with funding, realtors and home stagers, a catering company and restaurant, a resort, a retreat, and a luxury development company.

Lyrik hit her Q1 goals in January alone, and was forced to stop marketing to catch up on leads.

Kendra more than doubled her prices for wedding photography and then booked out at her new rate.

Ashley was able to put her amazing service + expertise into words and launch with confidence.

Lyrik Fryer

Since launching three months ago, we've converted 100 leads into sales calls allowing us to hit our Q1 revenue goals in January alone! From six to seven figures, this website is going to get us there.


Liberty Type was hands down the best investment I have ever made in my business. Amanda is a freaking creative genius and I am forever grateful for what she has done for my online presence.


My husband cried. He said that this website inspires him to seek more, to work more, to be better and inspire others. It totally represents our brand and us. It is full of life and colour - the way we and our couples are.


I am going through my website and I just wanted to say that I am absolutely blown away! I can already tell this is going to attract the client I've been wanting, and I am so glad I found you!

Kendra martin

Well you made me cry happy tears when I first saw it!! I'm so excited about where this is and where it's going and I am just blown away. Thank you for listening to me, running with it, and making it ME!

denise borrelli

I have worked with a lot of web designers, and not one until Amanda has left me speechless and counting the days until we could work together on another project. Best investment I have made in my branding!

andrew scopick

I don't know how to thank you for the response I got from my wife. She came to me with googly eyes. I knew I saw that sparkle and pizzaz online with you. You were the only one that stood out among the crowd.

kendra richardson

I feel on top of the world amazing! Seriously such an incredible experience working with Liberty Type. Amanda's expert eye and attention to detail allow you to rest easy amidst the entire process.

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