Strategy, Branding, General Art and Creative Direction, Photoshoot Planning and Execution, Store Design Consultation, Opening Stores, and Web Development Consultation and Launch

children's boutique chain

Case Study: tullabee

Tullabee, a new brand created by Altar'd State, enlisted our founder Amanda Burg as a contracted art director to assist in building the brand, opening stores, and launching the website. The initial step involved devising a comprehensive strategy to establish the brand identity and lay the foundation for all marketing endeavors. Amanda met with key stakeholders from both Altar'd State and Tullabee, including the executive leadership team, to account for all brand aspects and formulate a plan for progression.


A walkthrough of our work with Altar'd State

Amanda began by examining the existing Tullabee logo, identifying its key components to inform the overall brand direction. She then developed a complete brand identity, including a color palette, typography suite, and general creative direction for all marketing materials. This process entailed pinpointing the ideal target audience, crafting messages that would resonate with them, and determining the most effective channels for reaching them.

To ensure consistency across all marketing materials, Amanda created a brand book documenting these elements. This approach established a cohesive brand identity and provided clear guidelines for future marketing efforts.

Amanda collaborated closely with the Tullabee team to build the brand's visual identity, designing collateral pieces such as mall barricades, store signage, shopping bags, tissue paper, stickers, hang tags, and gift cards to promote the brand consistently and engagingly. Her primary focus was to create a look and feel that conveyed Tullabee's unique market position as a playful, inspired, and high-end children's boutique.


Amanda played a significant role in planning and executing the brand's first few photoshoots. She worked with the team to select models, wardrobe, and props for each shot, art directing the models and collaborating with the photographer and their team to capture the brand's aesthetic accurately.

photoshoot art direction

She also contributed to Tullabee's store design, attending design meetings and consulting on every aspect, from flooring to fixtures to lighting. Amanda helped choose clothing fixtures, murals, and artwork for the stores (even creating a wallpaper design implemented in all locations), and made suggestions on creating a cohesive, on-brand customer experience.

Amanda oversaw new store openings, traveling to various locations to meet the team, install fixtures and extensive window displays, and ensure the layout and visual merchandising were on-brand and effective. She collaborated with the store design team to reinforce the brand identity and create a welcoming shopping experience for moms and grandmothers.

General consultation on store design and opening stores

Amanda's attention to detail and dedication to a consistent brand experience contributed to Tullabee's successful launch. She worked closely with the Tullabee team to develop a messaging strategy that communicated the brand's unique selling proposition to its audience.

They settled on the phrase "curated cuteness for sizes 0-5T" to represent the boutique's playful nature. Amanda was also responsible for writing copy for the brand's new website, email marketing campaigns, social media strategy, marketing collateral, and brand book. Her expertise in crafting compelling copy helped create a strong, engaging brand voice that resonated with customers.


While an external development company built the e-commerce website, Amanda played a critical role in ensuring design consistency. She participated in all web development calls, provided inspiration, created and supplied a design system to the developers, and engaged in extensive UAT testing before the website's launch. Amanda's expertise in brand strategy and design contributed to a seamless user experience that accurately reflected the Tullabee brand.

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