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There’s no doubt that there is more to your brand than a logo. BUT….. Your logo is the first thing most people will see. It’s what catches people’s eye right off the bat. 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo – it’s what people remember. So we want it to be good, right? […]

The ‘work with me’ page is one of the most important pages on your website. It is where you’ll be able to share all the details and value behind what you do! This page has one chief goal – to get your prospect to the next step. That next step can be anything from booking […]

Hear me out: Hiring a creative agency is a lot like picking a spouse.  Choosing a creative agency is the beginning of a (hopefully – if you pick the right one) long relationship. They are your co-captain in the sailing of the ship that is your business, so to speak. You will invest quite a […]

You have 90 seconds to form an impression of your brand – what impressions do you want to communicate? Did you know color psychology is a thing? In fact, colors determine 85% of purchasing decisions! So when you sit down to create a logo and website, you want to make sure you’re using color psychology […]

“Your brand is your promise to your customer” – Entreprenuer. Let’s start there.  A brand is more than a logo. A brand is what sets you apart. A brand is what allows you to build the bridge from your business into the community. A brand helps build relationships, create loyal customer retention, and turn your […]

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