Strategy, Messaging, and Branding
(Web Design, SEO and Launch, and Marketing still in progress)


Case Study: old mill bread

Our team collaborated closely with Evan and Chelsea to define the brand's persona and core values. We devised a strategy that showcased their enthusiasm for natural and organic ingredients and underscored their dedication to crafting bread using time-honored techniques. Moreover, we aimed to broaden their online presence to attract a larger customer base, particularly in the Knoxville region.


A walkthrough of our process

We developed a distinct voice and tone for Old Mill Bread Company that expressed their zeal for natural and organic ingredients. We composed copy that detailed the natural baking and milling methods, emphasizing the company's dedication to producing fresh, genuine bread. In addition, we crafted messaging that conveyed the various services, such as the cafe, catering, and wholesale aspects of the business.


Our team designed a fresh logo and visual identity for Old Mill Bread Company that encapsulated the brand's singular personality and artisanal approach to bread-making. We integrated earthy hues and natural components into the branding to accentuate the brand's commitment to utilizing organic ingredients and traditional techniques.


"Everything Liberty Type created is fantastic. They totally nailed everything we were trying to accomplish"