July 11, 2022

Color Psychology Basics And How To Choose

You have 90 seconds to form an impression of your brand – what impressions do you want to communicate?

Did you know color psychology is a thing? In fact, colors determine 85% of purchasing decisions! So when you sit down to create a logo and website, you want to make sure you’re using color psychology to tell the right story. Your brand needs to evoke the right emotions and have the correct associations in order to reach the right audience — the customers you want to serve. 

Of course, there is a wide array of each color, and we would be here all day explaining every shade of the color wheel, but the vast majority of the world associates colors with specific attitudes, meanings, and feelings, and you can find a general outline of them below:


Red is bold. It evokes passion, fuels confidence, and demands attention. It is lively and makes us think of love, adding romance and drama. 


Orange carries energy. It reminds us of friendliness, enthusiasm, playfulness, and warmth. Fall months are filled with the color orange, what feeling does that bring to mind for you? 


Purple oozes luxury, wealth, wisdom, and royalty. It commands success, which reminds us of power and loyalty. 


One of the most common colors in logos and brand design, blue is calming and trustworthy. It’s a conservative and clean color choice that speaks of stability and serenity. 


Yellow shines bright like the sun and gives rise to similar feelings. It radiates cheerfulness, joy, optimism, and positivity. 


When we think of green, we think of growth without even realizing it. Plants, grass, money – all green and all related to prosperity, restoration, and wealth. Green is calm, fresh, balancing, and stable. 


Black demands authority. It is formal, elegant, mysterious, glamorous, and powerful. 


White is clean, modern, pure, soft, and light. It brings to mind simplicity, peace, and wholeness. 


 The immediate reaction to pink is feminine, but there’s more to it. It is playful, soft, sweet, compassionate, and nurturing. 


Brown is warm, secure, and organic. It is approachable, stable, and naturally practical. 


An excellent neutral, gray speaks of intelligence, sleekness, a modern touch, and balance. 

Think about the customers you want to serve and the first impression you want to leave on them. 

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