May 30, 2020

Stop Offering So Many Services, Niche Instead

ALERT: You’re offering too many things… #janeofalltrades 

You started offering one thing, and then, as you found clients you realized you were offering more and more and more. I’m talking to you photographers that serve brides, families, maternity, newborn, couples, lifestyle, adventure, elopement, and branding. WHEW.

Maybe you don’t feel burnt out because you love the variety in your work but you’re finding that describing everything you do in your marketing and messaging can be tricky. Or you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you do and it’s made growing your business and fine-tuning that process extremely difficult. #helloburnout

So you think by only planning weddings and not weddings and events, or by only servicing couples for lifestyle shoots and not also families and branding that you’re leaving money on the table, but trust me… You’re not.

When you only offer one thing, you’re setting yourself up for more success (and yeah, more money), and here’s why:

  1. People know exactly what you do and you’re top of mind whenever they need your services or know someone who does.
  2. When you only offer one thing you’re seen as an expert, so hello higher prices.
  3. You can offer your clients a top-notch experience and ensure every client receives the same experience because there is literally only one experience and process to offer.
  4. Telling people what you do – like in the copy on your website, and even in the layout of your website is a heck of a lot simpler when you only have one person to talk to

I know, turning money down is tough, but how much money are you denying by people simply not knowing what the heck you do because you #doitall?!