August 12, 2022

Your Work With Me Page: What To Include

The ‘work with me’ page is one of the most important pages on your website. It is where you’ll be able to share all the details and value behind what you do! This page has one chief goal – to get your prospect to the next step. That next step can be anything from booking a call, filling out an application form, or even buying right then and there.

When you’re thinking about the content to put on this page, the task can seem pretty daunting. So we’ve compiled a list of exactly what to include on your ‘work with me’ page to ensure you connect and convert.

Use different pages for different offerings so you can cater the page to that ideal client.

If your offers are vastly different or appeal to different audiences, you’ll want to be sure to separate them as not to dilute each offer with confusion. Those that need wedding photography or maternity photography are looking for different things, so tailoring your messaging to each will help you connect and convert more easily.

Explain how the service solves their problem (not just external, but internal too).

You prospect has come to your website for a reason. So address it head on. This is a great way to be polarizing, bridge the gap in the market, and separate yourself from the pack.

Explain the process from start to finish

This may be the first time a prospective client has ever hired someone that does what you do. Although you do it everyday, the process doesn’t feel as easy to someone new. We know you do 100 tasks when working with a client, but try to separate them out into categories or phases. We recommend no more than 5 and titling each step to make it stand out.

Provide visual proof – show images of what the product or service looks like

We need to build trust with our prospective clients and this is a great way to do that. Show your product or if you work digitally, think of how you can visually depict the work and process involved in working together.

Give social proof

Showing testimonials from others who have worked with you will show that if others have enjoyed the process and seen results, than you can too. You can also display some stats of how many clients you’ve worked with or the results you’ve helped them achieve. Or even show off logos of clients that have trusted you or places you’ve been featured. All of these show you’re credible!

Identify who is a good fit

One of my favorite things to do when working with a client is putting a section right on the site indicating who the best fit is for their offer. You can describe your ideal client or even give minimum parameters required to work with you. This is a great way to set expectations early and ensure you’re getting the right people in.

Include a section of Frequently Asked Questions

Investments are scary, so find a way to make them not feel that way. Answer top questions you receive from someone before you work together, during your time together, and after the project is complete. This will show you’ve thought of everything!

Include lots of big, bold, buttons calling the reader to action

You can’t get the sale if you don’t ask for it. Decide on what the prospect’s next step should be and sprinkle that reminder throughout the ‘work with me’ page. We recommend choosing only one CTA to avoid analysis paralysis.

Well there ya have it! Did you find this valuable? Is your current website hitting the mark? If not, let’s work together!