July 13, 2020

Why Showit Is My Preferred Platform

So you’ve decided you need a website or an elevated online presence and you’re on the hunt for the best website platform. You put up a poll in a Facebook group and you get nearly equal votes for Squarespace, WordPress, and Showit. Now you’re in analysis paralysis mode trying to compare website platforms and figure out which one will work best for you. Well, it’s a good thing you came here.

I use Showit and I have since 2017. I’m even a Showit design partner – meaning I’m a certified designer for the platform and my name appears on an ‘exclusive’ list of recommended designers. So yes, I’m going to recommend Showit to you, and here’s why:

It’s a drag and drop website builder

Yep! Everything is drag and drop. And not ‘Squarespace drag and drop’ where you’re still limited to square spaces (I wonder if that’s where they got their name…) Nothing needs to lock into place. If you want to layer, use texture, put things upside down, and get downright creative then Showit is for you. Anything you can imagine can be created on Showit with the click and drag of a mouse.

They have site canvases

A canvas is a ‘section’ on your website. And a site canvas means you only have to create certain canvases once and then they can appear on every page. When you go to edit those site canvas, you edit them on every page they appear – all at once. Yup, it’s amazing. Think of sections that appear in multiple spots- your navigation, your Instagram reel, your footer. Easy editing!

WordPress for blogging

Just because you have an amazing design platform, doesn’t mean you need to use a subpar blogging service. Showit partners with WordPress seamlessly so you can have custom-designed blog pages and then just login to WordPress to write and publish blog posts.

You don’t need to know a line of code

The freakin’ best part. Anything you can imagine is possible in Showit, without knowing code which is absolutely amazing and downright revolutionary. Say goodbye to tinkering with code to make things flow the way you need it to or getting frustrated with the site your designer just created because you don’t understand how it works.

So have you used Showit? Have you heard of it? Do you have questions about Showit or how it works?