March 7, 2023

The Different Styles of Social Media Content

As a small business owner, you recognize the significance of social media in your marketing approach. Nonetheless, determining the right content to share on your social media channels can be daunting. There are six primary content styles you can utilize to captivate your audience and achieve your marketing objectives. In this blog post, we’ll delve into these six content styles and discuss the importance of incorporating all of them in your marketing.

Entertaining Content

Content meant to entertain seeks to make your audience laugh, smile, or feel happy. This content category includes memes, amusing videos, or funny stories. Such content is especially effective in raising brand awareness and fostering a friendly rapport with your audience, as well as boosting engagement on your social media channels.

Example: Dollar Shave Club is renowned for its entertaining videos, which humorously showcase their products. One of their most famous videos features company founder Michael Dubin, who humorously explains the benefits of joining the Dollar Shave Club.

Educational Content

Educational content aims to educate your audience by providing new information. This content type encompasses how-to guides, tutorials, or informative blog posts. It’s particularly valuable in positioning your brand as an expert in your field and building trust with your audience, as well as driving website traffic.

Example: Home Depot is famous for its instructional content, which teaches audiences about DIY projects. Their YouTube channel features a variety of videos on topics like installing a ceiling fan, tiling a bathroom, and building a deck.

Inspirational Content

Inspirational content seeks to inspire and uplift your audience. It can include quotes, success stories, or personal anecdotes. This type of content is particularly helpful in establishing an emotional connection with your audience and positioning your brand as a source of inspiration, as well as increasing engagement on your social media channels.

Example: Nike is celebrated for its motivational content, encouraging audiences to push their limits and achieve their goals. Their “Just Do It” campaign features various athletes and everyday people reaching their full potential.

Informative Content

Informative content delivers useful information to your audience, such as news updates, statistics, or data-driven insights. This content type is particularly valuable in establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry and building trust with your audience, as well as driving website traffic.

Example: HubSpot is renowned for its informative content on inbound marketing. Their blog covers various topics, such as lead generation, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

Persuasive Content

Persuasive content aims to convince your audience to take specific actions, like promotional offers, sales pitches, or calls to action. This type of content is especially useful in driving conversions and increasing revenue for your business, as well as boosting engagement on your social media channels.

Example: Casper effectively employs persuasive content to encourage audiences to purchase their products. They often provide promotional codes or limited-time offers to entice their audience to buy.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is designed to engage your audience and encourage them to participate in a Interactive content engages your audience and spurs them to participate in conversations. Quizzes, polls, or surveys are examples of this content type. Interactive content is especially valuable in increasing engagement on your social media channels and fostering a community around your brand.

Example: BuzzFeed is famous for its interactive content, encouraging audiences to engage with the brand. Their assortment of quizzes and polls covers topics like pop culture, food, and travel, and are designed to be enjoyable and engaging.

Why it is important to use all content styles in your marketing?

Understanding the six primary social media content styles, it’s essential to know why it’s crucial to employ all of them in your marketing. By incorporating a variety of content styles, you can engage a broader audience in different ways.

Here are some of the benefits of using all styles in your marketing:

Increases engagement: By using a variety of content styles, you can increase engagement on your social media channels. Different people are attracted to different types of content, so by using a variety of styles, you can reach a wider audience and keep them engaged with your brand.

Establishes your brand as an expert: Educational and informative content positions your brand as an industry expert, fostering trust with your audience and encouraging them to do business with you.

Builds an emotional connection: Inspirational and entertaining content helps create an emotional connection with your audience, making them feel more connected to your brand.

Drives conversions: Persuasive content drives conversions and boosts revenue for your business, helping you meet marketing goals and grow your business.

Encourages participation: Interactive content inspires your audience to engage in conversations and connect with your brand, building a community and increasing brand loyalty.

In conclusion, incorporating a diverse range of social media content styles is critical for small businesses aiming to succeed in their marketing endeavors. By using entertaining, instructional, motivational, informative, persuasive, and interactive content, you can reach a broader audience, establish your brand as an expert, create emotional connections, drive conversions, and encourage participation. Therefore, when planning your social media content, remember to include a variety of styles to achieve your marketing goals.

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