March 28, 2023

Lessons From Branding A $200+ Million Dollar Boutique

Crafting a lasting and captivating brand is a complex endeavor, yet essential for businesses to form a distinctive brand identity that resonates with their desired audience. Let’s delve into our Founder, Amanda Burg’s recent collaboration with Tullabee, a high-end children’s boutique and sister brand to Altar’d State.

Amanda recognized that Tullabee needed to captivate the hearts of mothers and grandmothers seeking stylish, playful children’s clothing. She began by scrutinizing the existing brand logo and pinpointing vital elements that would inspire the brand’s direction. Collaborating with the Tullabee team, Amanda developed a comprehensive brand book to document every facet of the brand identity, ensuring consistency throughout all marketing endeavors.

Next, Amanda pinpointed the perfect target audience and crafted messaging that would enthrall them. The phrase “curated cuteness for sizes 0-5T” was selected to embody the playful yet sophisticated nature of the boutique.

To promote the brand consistently, Amanda designed eye-catching collateral pieces like mall barricades, store signage, shopping bags, and gift cards, all reflecting the brand’s unique stance in the market. Her primary focus was to cultivate a look and feel that conveyed the brand’s whimsical and inspired, yet luxurious position.

Amanda also played an instrumental role in shaping Tullabee’s physical stores, attending design meetings and consulting with the team on every aspect of the store’s design. She assisted in selecting clothing fixtures, murals, and artwork for inside the stores and even created a mesmerizing wallpaper design implemented in all locations.

Messaging strategy proved to be another crucial aspect of Tullabee’s brand-building journey. Amanda collaborated closely with the team to craft compelling copy for the brand’s new website, email marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and marketing collateral. Her expertise in creating engaging copy that speaks to the target audience helped forge a robust and captivating brand voice.

Lastly, the e-commerce website was a critical component of the Tullabee brand. Amanda played an indispensable role in ensuring the site’s design harmonized with the rest of the brand, participating in all web development calls and conducting extensive UAT testing before the website’s launch.

In conclusion, Amanda’s work with Tullabee exemplifies how a masterfully executed brand strategy can leave a profound and enduring impact on a company’s triumph. By concentrating on creating a cohesive and consistent brand identity, Amanda assisted in establishing Tullabee as a playful yet upscale children’s boutique that won over the hearts of moms and grandmothers across the United States.

While your business may not have several brick and mortar locations or be grossing millions in sales each year (at least not yet), our journey branding Tullabee can offer two key valuable lessons that you can apply to your own business.

1. Strategy is absolutely everything
Have you taken the time to develop a true strategy for your brand that informs everything you do? Our brand strategy work with Tyllabee was several months long and established overarching strategy and brand messaging like: brand archetype, brand mission/vision/value, positioning, key differentiators, value proposition, brand promise, brand personality, and tone of voice. We also dove deep into the current market to better understand the landscape, gaps in the market, and their target audience demographics/psychographics/behavior. This deep strategy work informed (and continues to inform) every single decision made within the brand and ensures everything Tullabee does is always authentically on-brand.

2. Know your target audience better than anyone else

Once we outlined who the target market was in the strategy phase, we began to build everything within the brand around this person.

Here are a few examples:

We chose a color palette (and even store decor) in muted rainbow colors that were soft and indicative of the nursery a millennial mom would design.

We laid out the design of the store to accommodate strollers getting by, a play area and busy board for little ones to interact with while mom shops, colorful tiles on the floor to keep toddlers interested and a colorful ceiling application to keep babies in the stroller intrigued.

We merchandised the store into family photoshoot outfit pairings, allowing mom to shop curated outfits for everyone in the family rather than sending her to different sections based on size.

By applying these 2 main lessons, you can create a powerful brand identity that attracts and retains customers, sets your business apart from the competition, and in general, makes running a business that is authentically ‘on-brand’ that much easier.

Want to take a peak at Amanda’s work with Tullabee? Take a look!