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I’m sure you already know that testimonials from past clients are one of the most valuable things you can have. Sure, they help you show off the ‘social proof’ behind the work on your website, but do you know they can also be used inside your business to help you identify your ideal client? To […]

So you’ve decided you need a website or an elevated online presence and you’re on the hunt for the best website platform. You put up a poll in a Facebook group and you get nearly equal votes for Squarespace, WordPress, and Showit. Now you’re in analysis paralysis mode trying to compare website platforms and figure […]

One of the most common things I’m asked about when I’m on a call with a prospective client is “how do I know that this brand or website is going to grow with me?” And honestly, it’s a pretty important question to ask yourself and ultimately, whoever you hire to bring your vision to life. […]

Let me guess, you think an elevator pitch is a weird, old-school marketing thing. You don’t ride elevators frequently, and you’re certainly not talking to anyone inside of them, right? You absolutely do not need to talk to people in elevators (I know I don’t) but you should be armed with a clear way to […]

ALERT: You’re offering too many things… #janeofalltrades  You started offering one thing, and then, as you found clients you realized you were offering more and more and more. I’m talking to you photographers that serve brides, families, maternity, newborn, couples, lifestyle, adventure, elopement, and branding. WHEW. Maybe you don’t feel burnt out because you love […]

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