In today’s digital age, it seems like new businesses and brands are emerging everywhere you look. With countless entrepreneurs competing for the attention of their target audience, many find themselves falling into the trap of mediocrity – creating generic brands that blend into the background. The internet has become a vast sea of sameness, making […]

At Liberty Type, we believe that a robust brand strategy is crucial for any business aiming to grow, scale, and convey a clear message. Without a well-defined brand strategy, businesses risk confusing their target audience, lacking differentiation from competitors, and missing chances to engage potential customers. Brand strategy is the bedrock of any thriving business, […]

Lessons From Branding Jessica Whitaker Are you tired of your brand being perceived as just another DIY endeavor? Do you want to be recognized as a professional authority in your industry? If so, you’re not alone. Many business owners struggle with establishing themselves as credible and trustworthy experts in their field. That’s where Liberty Type […]

A Guide for Thought Leaders As business owners, thought leaders, and industry experts, it’s crucial to establish your authority, credibility, and expertise to distinguish yourself within your field and attract your ideal clientele. One of the most effective platforms for achieving this is your website. Your website often serves as the initial point of contact […]

Crafting a lasting and captivating brand is a complex endeavor, yet essential for businesses to form a distinctive brand identity that resonates with their desired audience. Let’s delve into our Founder, Amanda Burg’s recent collaboration with Tullabee, a high-end children’s boutique and sister brand to Altar’d State. Amanda recognized that Tullabee needed to captivate the […]

Over the past seven years, our agency has masterfully crafted copy for hundreds of clients, ensuring their messages resonate with their target audience and drive conversions on their websites. I’m often asked how we manage to write such compelling copy for diverse clients across various industries. The secret lies in our Connection and Conversion Formula, […]

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